Help us to save lives


Our goal: every year every nurse will help at least one person to quit tobacco.  

letter05 (2012_12_15 00_28_11 UTC) (2013_05_31 17_14_04 UTC)CONDUCT A PUBLIC READING of letters from the industry’s secret  files, all sent to tobacco companies from dying customers and their grieving families. These letters provide powerful testimony from smokers themselves to build support for strong tobacco control policies and bring pressure on the tobacco industry.


The Legacy Tobacco Documents Library has all the documents that have been
released, approximately 7 million documents.

BUY A SHARE of tobacco company stock and WRITE A SHAREHOLDER LETTER to the company as a concerned shareholder. For a low-cost way to buy one share, see, contact your stockbroker, or contact us. Please let us know if you buy a share.

SEND A LETTER TO BIG TOBACCO as a member of the public, tell them what real social responsibility means.

SEND A LETTER TO YOUR NEWSPAPER. If you see a story about tobacco, or hear about Altria funding some good cause, write a letter and challenge the company to demonstrate genuine social responsibility by ending marketing of these deadly products. Use our sample letter and add your own perspective and reference to a local story or event. Keep it short and pithy for the best chance of publication. Please let us know if you have a letter published .

ENCOURAGE YOUR PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION to endorse the Nightingales Campaign.

ENCOURAGE ORGANIZATIONS TO CONSIDER THE TRUE COST OF ACCEPTING FUNDING FROM TOBACCO COMPANIES If you are a member of a group considering acceptance of such a contribution, you can highlight the ways this buys legitimacy for the industry—and often silence—on tobacco issues from the groups who become hooked on tobacco money.

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