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Talking Back to Big Tobacco: Letters from Across America

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Join us!

Please join us to take action against Big Tobacco. Thank you for caring about people‚Äôs health and wellbeing. We nurses can lead the fight against deadly tobacco products, raise awareness, and help people to quit.  

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About us

We are a group of nurse activists who work to focus public  attention on the behavior of the tobacco industry and its contribution to the  preventable epidemic of tobacco-caused disease and death. The tobacco industry  spends more than $1 million … Continue reading

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The facts – what every nurse should know

The epidemic of tobacco-caused disease is a product of the rise of Big Tobacco.Prior to the industrialization of cigarette production and marketing, rates of tobacco use were lower, most tobacco use involved cigars, or spit tobacco, and lung cancer was … Continue reading

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Our goals

1. Real tobacco company social responsibility, demonstrated by voluntary industry commitments to end all active marketing and promotion of products they themselves now admit addict and kill their best customers. Voluntarily ending active marketing would leave the industry‚Äôs first amendment … Continue reading

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