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e-cigarettes are dangerous because they target young people, can keep people hooked on nicotine, and threaten to “re-normalize” tobacco use Read more at: http://blog.heart.org/aha-e-cigarettes-threaten-to-addict-next-generation-of-smokers-regulation-further-study-needed  

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no evidence for e-cigarettes to help smokers to quit tobacco

Before accepting the claim that e-cigarettes are a useful “harm reduction” for smokers, and useful as smoking cessation devices it is necessary to examine the evidence. A recent longitudinal study published in JAMA reported that e-cigarette users had no difference … Continue reading

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Help us to save lives

HELP SMOKERS QUIT Our goal: every year every nurse will help at least one person to quit tobacco.   CONDUCT A PUBLIC READING of letters from the industry’s secret  files, all sent to tobacco companies from dying customers and their grieving … Continue reading

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The facts – what every nurse should know

The epidemic of tobacco-caused disease is a product of the rise of Big Tobacco.Prior to the industrialization of cigarette production and marketing, rates of tobacco use were lower, most tobacco use involved cigars, or spit tobacco, and lung cancer was … Continue reading

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Links to information and useful websites

FDA public education campaign http://www.TheRealCost.gov The economic cost of tobacco Watch Sex, Lies & Cigarettes’: Vanguard Sneak Peek and share the link! Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights E cigarettes What is an e cigarette?  FDA warning about e cigarette FDA information … Continue reading

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Campaign to end tobacco marketing

Tobacco companies claim to be socially responsible. They give money for all kinds of good causes, from battered women’s shelters to social organizations to arts groups. At Philip Morris, the nation’s largest tobacco company, these initiatives are all part of … Continue reading

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Our goals

1. Real tobacco company social responsibility, demonstrated by voluntary industry commitments to end all active marketing and promotion of products they themselves now admit addict and kill their best customers. Voluntarily ending active marketing would leave the industry’s first amendment … Continue reading

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